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Purchase Belle_Queen of the Bele
Purchase Skylark
Pen & Ink
Purchase Guardian
Pen & Ink
Purchase Under the Coconut Tree
Pen & Ink

The iconic coconut tree is symbolic of island living. Under it's umbrellalike embrace, life's rigor fizzles out, leaving many a weary sojourner at peace.

A word of caution: Watch out for falling coconuts,
Purchase Old Sea Dog
Pen & Ink
Purchase Vintage Lime
Mixed Media

Liming is the Trinidad & Tobago slang for "hanging out" "A lime" is the event itself. Vintage lime refers to the traditional, back-in-the-day type of gathering where physical activities like playing checkers, card games, and person-to-person interactions occurred.
Purchase Green Lime
Mixed Media

Liming is the Trinidad & Tobago slang for "hanging out" "A lime" is the event itself. Green lime refers to a younger, more contemporary gathering where virtual interactions have become more prominent and integral to the experience.
Purchase Nostalgia
Mixed Media

Remember when:
We walked by faith, not by sight?
When community towered over individualism?
when rest and work were kinfolk?
And simplicity was as complex as it got?

Yes, I remember.
Purchase Hibiscus Green Tea
Mixed Media

The Hibiscus grows wild in the Caribbean and many other tropical countries. It's unique beauty is eclipsed only by it's medicinal and aromatic qualities. Hibiscus Green Tea is our inadequate attempt to synergize some of the divine attributes of this flower.
Purchase Ice Caps - PR
Mixed Media
Purchase Onion Chelation
Digital Art

Chelation is a method of removing certain heavy metals from the bloodstream. Onion chelation removes toxins from the environment & humans by drawing them into its flesh. It is one of nature's air & body purifiers
Purchase Mycave
Mixed Media
Purchase Island Jubilee
Mixed Media

Trinidad & Tobago is notorious for its festive approach to life. From beach limes to carnival to church outings, Trinbagonians make every excuse to celebrate. It is a cultural legacy that functions like background software.
Summer Jam
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