Rustic Dungaree

One-of-a-kind, limited edition, hand designed, hand sewn, non surgical masks. 


Each individual mask design, within each collection, is 

uniquely different. while using the the motif and colors scheme germane to that particular collection.  For example:  the "Mustard & Ketchup" ' collection has only 8 masks.  Each mask has the same golden yellow and red colors and batik motif. The design and arrangement of these elements, however, vary from mask to mask, ensuring that no two masks are alike.

Double layered, reversible, reusable, 100% cotton (eco-friendly), soft and comortable to wear, these masks bring together practical comfort and unique designs

Elastic bands are attached at the head and back of the neck for a more secure fit.


Non returnable and refundable

Rustic Dungaree

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