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Personal Statement - Jasmin

For me, there is no greater story worth sharing than God relentlessly pursuing humanity with an intensely, unbridled love.
 In response to such infinite grace, I humbly attribute every artistic product as a signature of His benevolence and authority in my life.

My Work

The work that I do unveils the infinite complexity of our existence  drizzled down to a few composition elements, color, movement & risk.  I thrive on experimenting with a host of media that includes fabric arts, painting, drawing, digital art, pen & ink, watercolor and others independently or synergistically.  Where that leads or what that process produces is moderated by the creative impulses experienced during my artistic encounters.  As I share these adventures, it is my hope that some measure of our calling, as a human family, is fulfilled.


About Jasmin - Mom

Ever since I can remember, I was always drawing something.  My teachers consistently complained about my untidy books and my mother was all out of ideas to control the situation.  As opportunities opened up for me to express myself, things got better and mom, very quickly, became my biggest supporter.  

In high school, I was introduced to conté crayons, pastels, watercolor, pen & ink, charcoal and a few other media.  During my teacher training years,
I worked with acrylic paint and developed an interest in fabric design - wood cuts, linoleum prints, batik and hand painted designs. 

After migrating to the US, I gravitated toward computer graphics where I learned several different graphic design software.


Today, my work bears no one trademark.  I work in a variety of media and love combining traditional work with technology.  I've been told my abstracts & semi-abstracts make memorable impressions.  I hope this will be your experience as well.


About Alyssa - Daughter

According to my mother, my first artistic foray was an inadvertent attempt to enhance a near-finished piece of her work with some unattended pastels within the reach of my three year old hands. She maintains that, while this may not be strange for some children, it was an extreme departure from a character who had caution down to an art.


For me the story started years later when my attempts
to stay awake in class by doodling took on a life on its own.  As passion and curiosity for this art form increased, I began experimenting extensively with
a variety of linear compositions. I believe my work to be a visual manifestation of my brain's driving need to make order of the chaos while taking the time to enjoy some of the madness.  

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